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The slowness of my zsh prompt when in a git-svn managed directory was killing me. I improved it by removing the git status stuff that slows it down...
function git_prompt_info() {
ref=$(git symbolic-ref HEAD 2> /dev/null) || return

In my theme (robbyrussell) I was missing the ending brace, so I changed the output to echo "$ZSH_THEME_GIT_PROMPT_PREFIX${ref#refs/heads/}${ZSH_THEME_GIT_PROMPT_CLEAN}${ZSH_THEME_GIT_PROMPT_SUFFIX}".

toc21c commented Apr 10, 2013


akilman commented May 7, 2013

This has been bugging me for some time now. Thanks!

This is excellent -- but when I'm not in a git directory, it says (master). Is there an easy way to prevent this?

Huge huge help. Thank you.

gferon commented Oct 22, 2013

I think you should submit a pull request with this fix, so it can be toggled with a setting!

Thank you. This has been bugging me under CentOS 6 for some time. It is true that what's slow on my system is git status. I wonder if it's a git version thing (CentOS runs a older version) or it it's a git svn thing.

messick commented Aug 12, 2014


jbnunn commented Sep 3, 2014

Works on Yosemite as well--thank you!

n1k0 commented Sep 8, 2014

Just to add a thank you to the stack. Cheers!

Thanks! That was driving me insane.

great stuff! thanks!

retgoat commented Apr 23, 2015

Works great! Thanks!

kwketh commented May 22, 2015

Thanks, that looks great.
If anybody is still running into issues, you may trace all commands with set -o xtrace, you will see full context and likely which command may be taking long time. It helped me trace my problem.

pmalek commented May 29, 2015

@kwketh How to undo set -o xtrace?

pmalek commented May 29, 2015

After applying this fix I am missing the * (when I have midified working tree).


Thank you for this gist, it made working with zsh possible again for me as it was just unusably slow and i had to disable it again.

That's great ,thanks a lot.

Still relevant and wonderful. Thanks!

triadsk commented Jan 2, 2016

That worked, thanks a lot!



Works like a charm! Thank you so much.



smo0f commented Nov 11, 2016

@pmalek to undo set -o xtrace, run set +o xtrace - plus instead of minus

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