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Last active Apr 7, 2016
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hide your PGP version & other info
# Hide your PGP version & other PGP version metadata with these two config lines.
# This line hides the "Version: GnuPG vX.XX.XX" line
# This line hides the "Comment: XXXXX" lines
# NOTE if you are using Thunderbird+Enigmail you probably need to set this again in
# the Enigmail->Preference settings:
# Some notes:
# If you're super paranoid, you might want to check out what TAILS
# uses too. Longer key ID display, stronger crypto prefs, etc.
# (But note that some of the config is Tor-specific.)
# NOTE that when using Mac Mail (GPGTools) -- which sends by PGP/MIME by default
# instead of a scary plaintext BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE block -- you'll probably
# leak that you're using GPGTools anyway, because the MIME header says it was generated
# with GPGTools.
# And of course, your mail client is probably identifying itself and putting its version
# in the e-mail headers. TorBirdy
# for Thunderbird at least attempts to hide what version of Thunderbird you have, what time zone
# you're in, etc. Your mileage may vary.
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