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These files contain the base configuration for ProPublica’s Tor hidden service mirror.

Of note:

  • We're using the nginx "subs_filter" and "headers more" modules to allow us to rewrite content and update headers, so that we can convert clearnet links into onion links, where possible.

  • Based on feedback we've received, we're using Unix sockets (instead of a TCP port) where nginx listens internally for the inbound connection from Tor. This ensures that a firewall misconfiguration can't expose the site running in nginx, which is likely overkill for an already-public (clearnet) website; this may also slightly improve performance and reduce socket overhead, however.

    If you try doing this and have issues using sudo service nginx restart due to leftover connections using the socket, you may have to nuke the previous sockets before starting a new nginx process:


The following files show an example of how to create subdomains for onion site hidden services. (This hasn't been tested for hidden services for anything other than HTTP/HTTPS.)

(You might also want to read our blog post about ProPublica’s Tor hidden service, including a tutorial and notes on running a hidden service: )

In general, this works (maybe just in recent Tor clients) because Tor will handle the connection to www.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.onion as a connection to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.onion. The encapsulated HTTP/HTTPS connection contains the subdomain in the Host: header (and in the case of HTTPS, the SNI

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# Hide your PGP version & other PGP version metadata with these two config lines.
# This line hides the "Version: GnuPG vX.XX.XX" line
# This line hides the "Comment: XXXXX" lines
# NOTE if you are using Thunderbird+Enigmail you probably need to set this again in
# the Enigmail->Preference settings:
View gist:9622e039ef53b85ae379
View gist:25d680ccea78ad7db37a
View 1-tls
Hash: SHA512
The following are the SSL certificate fingerprints for the
following servers as of 2016-03-05.
CN or SAN:
Note: this domain is now served via the Fastly CDN, relying on shared SSL
certificates. The domain should be listed as a Subject
Alternative Name on the certificate served by the CDN endpoint.
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/* Example of "output=flat" format.
* */
"total_results": 2,
"filings": [
"tax_prd": 201212,
"tax_prd_yr": 2012,
"formtype": 0,
"pdf_url": "",
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Updating rbenv Ruby to use newer OpenSSL versions

rbenv/ruby-build don’t use Homebrew-installed versions of OpenSSL — instead, they on OS X's built-in ancient version.

This can throw OpenSSL::SSL::SSLErrors when talking to websites that enforce newer SSL/TLS protocols and ciphersuites.

1: Dependencies

from __future__ import division
def gini(population):
see "This may be simplified to:"
pop = sorted(population)
n = len(pop)

Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am mtigas on github.
  • I am mtigas ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is 4034 E60A A782 7C5D F21A 89AA A993 E715 6E0E 9923

To claim this, I am signing this object: