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[macos] homebrew-installed signal w/v2 group support (fixes libzkgroup warning)
#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -e
set -x
brew install signal-cli || brew upgrade signal-cli
SIGNAL_LIBEXEC_LIBDIR="`brew --prefix signal-cli`/libexec/lib"
# zkgroup-java*.jar --- remove the linux x86_64 bundled lib
zip -d "${SIGNAL_LIBEXEC_LIBDIR}/"zkgroup-java-*.jar || true
# download libzkgroup.dylib from
cd /tmp
curl -LO ""
echo "cd476de9fb9d6deb449cb6f8c88e5dce15526e34c7af7164ac858b2623cb6dec9710d51ce4b822ff0a698da895c1262e5d2b9e88f71f2a82c7b831ebc25285e7 libzkgroup.dylib" | shasum -c -
# zkgroup-java*.jar --- bundle the freshly-download mac lib
zip -u "${SIGNAL_LIBEXEC_LIBDIR}/"zkgroup-java-*.jar ./libzkgroup.dylib

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@Lazare-42 Lazare-42 commented Apr 10, 2021

Tha'ts awesome, thanks a lot!

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