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Created February 21, 2021 14:27
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# Configuration file for Gammu SMS Daemon
# Gammu library configuration, see gammurc(5)
# Please configure this!
port = /dev/ttyS0
connection = at115200
# Debugging
#logformat = textall
# SMSD configuration, see gammu-smsdrc(5)
RunOnReceive = /home/pi/
service = files
logfile = syslog
# Increase for debugging information
debuglevel = 2
# Paths where messages are stored
inboxpath = /var/spool/gammu/inbox/
outboxpath = /var/spool/gammu/outbox/
sentsmspath = /var/spool/gammu/sent/
errorsmspath = /var/spool/gammu/error/
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