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America's Cup - Entertainment Talent

Bermuda’s businesses and residents are invited to register their interest in a number of commercial opportunities ranging from food and beverage services to local entertainers.



Entertainers of all styles are urged to register their interest in performing in the America’s Cup Village. Organisers are looking for comedians, steel band players, calypso, gombey troupes, dance troupes, bands, fire-dancers, soloists, rap-poets, stilt-walkers, jugglers, street theatre and more.

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Coffee coffee = new Stimulant('coffee')
function code(coffee) {
var keep_coding = true
while (keep_coding) {
if (coffee.Empty) {
keep_coding = (coffee.refill_count != 0)
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// NAD27 to NAD83/WSG84 converter
var data = [
{ item: '1', lat: [32,19,45.5], lon: [-64,50,7.8] },
{ item: '2', lat: [32,19,1.6], lon: [-64,50,33.8] },
{ item: '3', lat: [32,18,49.2], lon: [-64,50,31.9] },
{ item: '4', lat: [32,18,10.3], lon: [-64,52,1.5] },
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# ([].each {}).empty?
# .each returns the enumerator
# the block itself returns an array
<% if @messages.each do |message| %>
<%# code or partial to display the message %>
<% end.empty? %>
You have no messages.
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def yield_placeholder(name, content = nil, &block)
if content_for?(name)
concat @view_flow.get(name)
if block_given?
content = capture(&block)
concat content
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MOBILE WEB (at 25 minutes)

Jimmy Soni (Managing Editor at the Huffington Post)

  • You'll get a lot more traction as a publisher if you focus on mobile web than if you focus on mobile apps
  • The people that download your app our your hardcore loyalists
  • 80% to 85% of apps are never opened after their first open
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failed: [] => {"failed": true}
msg: this module requires key=value arguments (['production', 'state=present'])
FATAL: all hosts have already failed -- aborting
View ansible-lineinfile-examples.yml
## credit:
- hosts: alpine_install
user: root
# - name: create a complete empty file
# command: /usr/bin/touch /test/test.conf
- name: create a new file with lineinfile