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Last active February 25, 2016 17:20
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A slightly more sophisticated Sinatra example for ember-cli-deploy
require 'sinatra'
require 'redis'
configure do
# Define your Redis connection, key prefix, and revision preview query parameter here!
set :redis,
set :prefix, 'foo:index'
set :param_key, 'preview'
helpers do
def fetch_index
stack = []
stack.push params.fetch(settings.param_key, 'current')
while value = settings.redis.get("#{settings.prefix}:#{stack.last}")
return [value, stack.last] if value =~ /\s/
break if stack.include? value # cycle guard
stack.push value
not_found 'Invalid Site Index'
def extract_http_equiv!(content)
modified_content = content.dup
content.scan(/<\s*meta\s+http-equiv="?([\w-]+)"?\s+content="?(.+?)"?\s*>/im) do |pairs|
yield pairs
modified_content.slice! $&
content.replace modified_content
get '/', :provides => :html do
index, revision = fetch_index
etag revision
expires 3_600, :public
extract_http_equiv!(index) do |key, value|
response[key] = value
index.gsub(/\n */, '')
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It's probably overkill, but this supports multiple levels of index indirection (e.g. staging => current => abcd1234) and ETags for cache control. Based off of the original. It also extracts http-equiv meta tags from the index content and presents them as HTTP response headers instead, which is useful for certain CSP options. See also ember-cli-deploy-mysql-sinatra.rb.

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