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@mattpodwysocki #jsconf slides

JS Conf slides - 2011

Track A

Track B

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apike commented May 6, 2011

Forked to fix my name: - great list!

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briancavalier commented May 7, 2011

I called an audible on my talk, so I forked as well to update the title to "wire.js - Javascript IOC and Dependency Injection":

Thanks for putting this list together!

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cramforce commented May 8, 2011

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randallb commented May 9, 2011

Any links to the vids themselves?

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cramforce commented May 9, 2011

No vids yet. Follow @jsconf for that. Might be a couple weeks until they come out.

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marijnh commented May 9, 2011

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dherman commented May 9, 2011

I'll post my slides after BrazilJS (this week). BTW, I'm not @dherman on Twitter, I'm @littlecalculist.

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unscriptable commented May 9, 2011

John Hamm --> John Hann mmmkay?

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danwrong commented May 9, 2011

Forked it to add my slides for Building Non-shit APIs with JavaScript:

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