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Building Extractable Libraries in Rails via Patrick Robertson #railsConf

Building Extractable Libraries in Rails

Avoiding the autoload trap

  • rails 3: removing /lib from automatically being loaded on application boot

create a namespace and setup a proper layout when we need to extract our code outside the application into a gem

Hide your credentials from your Library

require_relative '../lib/twitter_wrangler'

TwitterWrangler.configure do |config|
  config.oauth_key - ENV[:twitter_ouath_key]

module TwitterWrangler
  class Configuration
    attr_accessor :oauth_key
    def initializers
      oauth_key = nil

  class << self
    attr_accessor :configuration

  def self.configure
    self.configuration ||=
    yeild(configuration) if block_given?

separation of credential concerns

Keeping your domain models focused

provides clear separation of domain models and outside code creates isolatable test easy path forward for gem extraction

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