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Last active Sep 30, 2015
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LIES core
(ns lies.core
(:use arcadia.core
(:require arcadia.messages
[clojure.edn :as edn]))
(defn- type? [t]
(isa? (type t) Type))
(defn- type-map [m]
"{:foo 34 :bar :baz :qux \"quux\"} -> {:foo Int32 :bar clojure.lang.Keyword :qux String}"
(->> m
(mapcat (fn [[k v]] [k (if (type? v) v (type v))]))
(apply hash-map)))
(defn- holds? [hm assertion]
(= (type-map (select-keys hm (keys assertion)))
(type-map assertion)))
(defn- entity-merge [a b]
(if (and (vector? a)
(vector? b))
(into a b)
(defn- arity? [f n]
(.HasArity f n))
(defn- assumptions [f]
(if (arity? f 0)
(defn realize-token [t]
(fn? t) t
;; (t x y) -> realize t, apply to x y
(list? t)
(apply (realize-token (first t))
(rest t))
;; t -> resolve t, require namespace if needed
(symbol? t)
(or (resolve t)
(namespace t)
(-> t namespace symbol require)
(resolve t)))
(throw (ArgumentException.
(str "Symbol " t " does not resolve")))))
:else (throw (ArgumentException. (str "Can only realize fns, lists, or symbols. Got " t)))))
(defn realize [v]
(mapv realize-token v))
;; TODO use arcadia.messages for full set?
(def unity-message-keywords
#{:start :update})
(defn entity
"Make a new entity. Takes any number of maps or entities and merges them,
concating vectors with into"
[& specs]
(let [merged-entity (apply
(partial merge-with entity-merge {})
(fn [m k v]
(if (unity-message-keywords k)
(let [realized-fns (realize v)]
(-> (apply merge m (map assumptions realized-fns))
(assoc k realized-fns)))
(assoc m k v)))
(defn read-entity [f]
(slurp f :encoding "utf8"))))
(defn run-logic [e kw go]
(let [logics (e kw)]
(fn [e* logic]
(logic e* go))
{:update [(fake-take-damage 20)
(regenerate-health 100)
(max-health 100)]}
(defmacro ∆ [x]
`(* Time/deltaTime ~x))
(def initial-health {:health 100})
(defn fake-take-damage [d]
(fn [self go]
(update self :health - d)))
(defn take-damage
([] initial-health)
([{:keys [id] :as self} go]
(let [total-damage (transduce
(keep :damage) +
(inbox id))]
(update self :health - total-damage))))
(defn regenerate-health [rate]
([] initial-health)
([self go]
(update self :health + ( rate)))))
(defn max-health [m]
([] initial-health)
([{:keys [health] :as self} go]
(if (> health m)
(assoc self :health m)
(let [e (entity
{:name "ramsey"}
(read-entity "Assets/lies/data.edn"))]
(-> e
(run-logic :update nil)
(run-logic :update nil)
;; 60.0019999999495
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