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NSHipster New Year's 2016

Greetings and salutations, NSHipsters!

As the year winds down, it's a tradition here at NSHipster to ask you, dear readers, to offer up your favorite tricks and tips from the past year as gifts to your fellow hipsters. With iOS 9, El Capitan, brand new watch- and tvOS's, and the open-sourcing of some minor Apple-related tech, there's bound to be lots to share.

Submit your favorite piece of Swift or @objc trivia, helpful hints, unexpected discoveries, useful workarounds, useless fascinations, or anything else you found cool this year. Just comment below!

If you need inspiration, try the list from last year, or from the year before, or from the year before that.

새해 복 많이 받으세요! 🎆

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joemasilotti commented Jan 7, 2016

How to tell if your app is running under UI Tests:

UI Tests:

class UITests: TestCase {
    let app = XCUIApplication()

    override func setUp() {
        app.launchArguments = ["UI-TESTING"]

App Code:

func UITesting() -> Bool {
    return NSProcessInfo.processInfo().arguments.contains("UI-TESTING")

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