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* Resume in PHP
* @author: Nathan Lippi <>
class ResumeConcrete extends AbstractResume
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var bot_bet_at_beginning_of_jackpot_if_jackpot_is_small = setInterval(
/* Wait for beginning of round */
socket.once("round_new", function() {
var amt_satoshis = 500;
var amt_btc = to_btc(amt_satoshis);
/* Don't bet unless if 'size' is too big */
if(typeof currentStats.size !== "undefined" && currentStats.size >= amt_satoshis)
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Last active Jun 6, 2021
Emacs + Tmux integrated window movement
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;; Many thanks to the author of and contributors to the following posts:
;; TODO: Make a script that generates tmux and emacs code without duplication
;; NOTE: My keybindings are not the default emacs ones, using windmove
;; Try to move direction, which is supplied as arg
;; If cannot move that direction, send a tmux command to do appropriate move
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(defun tmux-display-message(arg)
(s-trim-right (shell-command-to-string (format "tmux display-message -p '#%s'" arg))))
(defun tmux-get-current-session-name() (tmux-display-message "S"))
(defun tmux-get-current-window-number() (tmux-display-message "I"))
(defun tmux-get-current-pane() (tmux-display-message "P"))
(defun tmux-get-runner-pane()
"Get # of current pane, and then use that to guess the # of the runner/term pane.
nathanlippi / gist:3609840
Created Sep 3, 2012
Problem -- Old board being remembered for (play-game)
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(defvar *player-symbol* '(" " "X" "O")) ;; Strictly used for display
;; (defmacro setk (list keyword value)
;; `(setf (getf ,list ,keyword) ,value))
(defun display-board(board)
(loop for row in board do
(display-row row)
(format *query-io* "~%")))