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require 'rubygems'
require 'spec'
require 'bewildr'
describe "my example app" do
it "should allow valid users to log in" do
#start the app and wait for the main window
@app, @main_window = Bewildr::Application.start_app_and_wait_for_window("c:\\my_app.exe", /My App v1.\d+/)
username_field = @main_window.get(:id => "username")
password_field = @main_window.get(:id => "password")
login_button = @main_window.get(:type => :button, :name => "Go")
#some initial checks...
username_field.should be_enabled
password_field.should be_enabled
password_field.is_password_field?.should be_true
#attempt login with invalid user
username_field.text = "invalidUser"
password_field.text = "s3cr3t"
#check we're not logged in
@main_window.get(:id => "login_message").text.should match("Wrong username or password")
#login with valid user
username_field.text = "ValidUser"
password_field.text = "s3cr3t"
#check to see that we're logged in
@main_window.wait_for_existence_of(:id => "welcome_message")
welcome_message = @main_window.get(:id => "welcome_message")
welcome_message.text.should match('Hi ValidUser')
#check to see that the login fields have gone
username_field.should_not exist
password_field.should_not exist
login_button.should_not exist
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