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Neo4j GraphGist

Neo4j GraphGists are a way to share documents including Cypher queries. The queries can be executed in an online console. GraphGists can be used to share examples or ideas or outline a question you have.

See also the GraphGist Collection and check out the GraphGist Challenge!

You create a GraphGist by creating a GitHub Gist in AsciiDoc and enter the URL to it in the form on this page. The GraphGist is just as private as the GitHub Gist you created. To share a GraphGist, just share the URL the page gets after entering the Gist in the form.

For instructions, see:

This is what the result can look like:

A first simple query to just create a node:

CREATE (n{name:'first node'});
This document is a GraphGist, use the Page Source button on top of the page to see the Gist behind it.

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