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ctags setup on mac
# you have ctags but it does not work...
$ ctags -R --exclude=.git --exclude=log *
ctags: illegal option -- R
usage: ctags [-BFadtuwvx] [-f tagsfile] file ...
#you need to get new ctags, i recommend homebrew but anything will work
$ brew install ctags
#alias ctags if you used homebrew
$ alias ctags="`brew --prefix`/bin/ctags"
#try again!
ctags -R --exclude=.git --exclude=log *
#puts tags file into you .gitignore (probably global) and you're all set!
#PS. i was inspired to install ctags by video by @r00k, thanks man!
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gharieni commented Mar 10, 2019

Thanks !

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udayawati commented Mar 19, 2019


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ehrktia commented Apr 24, 2019

Helped me in 2019 nice tip thank you very much for the help

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domoench commented May 20, 2019


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hdfelix commented Jun 19, 2019

Still helpful!

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nazgob commented Jun 20, 2019

Still helpful!

amazing, it's been 8 years! <3

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42lan commented Jul 28, 2019


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aaboutaka commented Aug 15, 2019

Thanks man!

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29sohil89 commented Aug 16, 2019

Much Appreciated !! Thanks

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cesar-turn commented Sep 3, 2019

u rock!

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SebastianTramper commented Mar 14, 2020

Thanks it worked for me

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NashMiao commented Mar 31, 2020


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ehrktia commented Apr 1, 2020

nice one thanks , recently switching from old to new machine and had to re-run all setup things.This helped me a lot.

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deividaspetraitis commented Apr 18, 2020

Despite this solution is working one thing to note, - it will install older version of ctags that might lack support for some programming languages ( in my case it was go ).
You can check version by running ctags --version once you finished following steps above and likely you will see something like:

Exuberant Ctags 5.8, Copyright (C) 1996-2009 Darren Hiebert
 Compiled: Oct  6 2019, 20:31:35
 Addresses: <>,
 Optional compiled features: +wildcards, +regex

Solution is to setup currently maintained ctags implementation ( ), install steps are provided according the platform in their website, specifically for MAC can be found here:

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izikandrw commented Jul 29, 2020

nice job man!

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irvinghu07 commented Nov 30, 2020

Saved My Day! Thanks!

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kingofice007 commented Dec 1, 2020


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vijaykiran225 commented Jan 20, 2021

Its 2021, still the right and required solution .. Thanks .. !

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dwolrdcojp commented Jan 31, 2021

Thanks it worked for me.

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wtffqbpl commented Mar 31, 2021


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zebhuang commented May 8, 2021


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HarrisonHemstreet commented May 11, 2021


THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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reneruhr commented Aug 25, 2021


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ehzawad commented Nov 4, 2021


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hougr commented Nov 22, 2021

Thank you very much.

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sateesh12 commented Dec 12, 2021

Helps even after 10 years , thank you.

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w7shdev commented Mar 14, 2022


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danilol commented Mar 22, 2022

One more here 🙌 ! Thank you!

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alinauf commented Apr 16, 2022


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StefanCobeli commented Jun 22, 2022

Friend, you are amazing!
Thanks a lot for sharing this!

Worked perfectly for me as well.

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