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Python profiling decorator
from cProfile import Profile
import pstats
def profile(sort_args=['cumulative'], print_args=[10]):
profiler = Profile()
def decorator(fn):
def inner(*args, **kwargs):
result = None
result = profiler.runcall(fn, *args, **kwargs)
stats = pstats.Stats(profiler)
return result
return inner
return decorator
Python decorator for profiling a function using cProfile. Stats are output to wherever print statements would
normally go to, e.g. stdout or a log file. Can be used with Django view functions.
pstats' sort and print arguments can be supplied to the decorator. The default is to sort cumulatively and
list to first 10 lines.
See for details on pstats sort and print arguments.
cProfile is a standard module in most python distributions. pstats is also in many but not all. If pstats doesn't
import then install the module via the python-profiler package. E.g. on apt-based systems:
sudo apt-get install python-profiler
# Example without profiling arguments:
def my_function(my_args):
# Example with profiling arguments:
@profile(sort_args=['cumulative', 'name'], print_args=[.5, 'init']):
def my_function(my_args):
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nealtodd commented Sep 1, 2020

Hi @iedmrc, sorry I don't have a more recent version of this.

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tiagocoutinho commented Feb 24, 2021

Thanks for the gist. Works great for me on small profiling tests.

Is there another version that works threadpoolexecutor and/or async functions?

maybe you need some complete profiler that supports threads/async like yappi.

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