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William Mathewson neanias

  • Edinburgh, UK
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  • 0.5kg plain flour
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1 glass of hot water
neanias /
Last active Jul 3, 2020
General purpose vimrc for Ruby & Rails editing

General purprose vimrc

Designed for Ruby & Rails editing


There are 2 options for this:

1. Clone the repo

neanias / mettle_practice_managed_report.rb
Last active Mar 26, 2020
Production script for generating a CSV of practice managed Mettle-resold companies. Pending Looker report.
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require "csv"
headers = ["Name", "Email", "Subdomain", "Bank Account ID", "Practice Name"]
mettle = Reseller.find_by_name("mettle")
csv_string = CSV.generate(headers: headers, write_headers: true) do |csv|
Company.where(reseller: mettle).where.not(account_manager: nil).each do |c|
View currying.rb
# Create a lambda that adds its 2 params
adder = ->(x, y) { x + y }
# Curry it to pre-populate the first param with 2. This effectively turns
# add_two into ->(2, y) { 2 + y }
add_two = adder.curry[2]
# Call add_two with some other args
# => 5
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Julia Jacklin - Crushing

One of my all time favourite albums. Nominally about a break-up. The song Don't Know How To Keep Loving You is capturing a very real fear into music and it is phenomenal.

Dry Cleaning

Fantastic band, both their EPs this year were really good

Squid - Town Centre


A basic exercise to help learn the basics of Python

A change dispenser

Write a programme for an automatic change dispenser. It will choose the correct coins to dispense based on the amount required. It should work like this:

  1. Prompt the user for a number between 0 & 99 (this represents the change due.)
  2. Output the correct number of 50p, 20p, 10p, 5p, 2p or 1p coins to dispense.
View pdfcolorsplit
#!/usr/bin/env python
# Python 2 and 3 compatible.
# Python program to take a pdf file, and split it into color and black
# and white part(s). Requires pdftk and one of gs and pdftoppm.
# Iain Murray, February 2010.
# Inspired by, Jeremy Sanders 2001, although written
# from scratch.
neanias /
Created Feb 28, 2018
Rules for the RN game of bucketball

Bucketball Rules


The pitch is usually an indoor hall. At either end of the pitch, there is a bench, but can be a gym mat depending on available equipment, upon which the bucket holder stands. There should be a small 'no-entry' zone in front of the bench that no attacker nor defender may enter. This may be signified using another mat or features of the pitch, such as a marked 'D'.


string = "abcadefzab"
longest_string = ''
current_string = ''
last_char = ''
for char in string:
if char >= last_char:
current_string += char
elif last_char > char:
running=$(pidof spotify)
if [ "$running" != "" ]; then
artist=$(playerctl metadata artist)
song=$(playerctl metadata title | cut -c 1-60)
echo -n "$artist · $song"