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* mb_str_pad
* @param string $input
* @param int $pad_length
* @param string $pad_string
* @param int $pad_type
* @return string
* @author Kari "Haprog" Sderholm
function mb_str_pad( $input, $pad_length, $pad_string = ' ', $pad_type = STR_PAD_RIGHT)
$diff = strlen( $input ) - mb_strlen( $input );
return str_pad( $input, $pad_length + $diff, $pad_string, $pad_type );
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naitsirch commented Sep 27, 2012

There is a feature request in the PHP bug tracker for integrating such a function in the core. Please look at and vote for it. Thanks

If you want to provide explicit encoding usage, you can define the function like this:

function mb_str_pad($input, $pad_length, $pad_string = ' ', $pad_type = STR_PAD_RIGHT, $encoding = null)
    if (!$encoding) {
        $diff = strlen($input) - mb_strlen($input);
    else {
        $diff = strlen($input) - mb_strlen($input, $encoding);
    return str_pad($input, $pad_length + $diff, $pad_string, $pad_type);

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jsebrech commented Dec 25, 2012

If your pad_string is itself multibyte, this still won't give the right result. The tricky part is that str_pad will copy as many bytes out of the pad_string as it needs to reach the pad_length, and will therefore generate corrupt strings. So, basically, you cannot use str_pad unless you first make sure you append too many bytes and then copy the right length out of it via mb_substr.

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Lewiscowles1986 commented Feb 18, 2015

bad idea as unless the whole string is multi-byte this could lead to issues with string encoding...

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trialforce commented Dec 15, 2016

Works for me.

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ksidibe commented Mar 13, 2017

Works for me too...
This is the behavior I expected from str_pad.

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rquadling commented Oct 7, 2019

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potenselyanin commented Feb 3, 2021

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rquadling commented Mar 9, 2021

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mrtnzagustin commented Jun 29, 2021

Thanks man. 2 hours with this problem.

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carloscarucce commented May 24, 2022

Thank you

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