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docker slides

Yet Another Presentation on Docker

  • A Brief Sketch of Docker History
  • How to use it
  • What it is not

$ whoami

  • 1991 Pascal as 1st language
  • 2005s Checkpoint/Restart POSIX Threads
  • 2015+ A LITTLE bit of This, a Little bit of That
  • photography, cycling, typesetting..etc.

A Brief Sketch of Docker History

  • A Step Back in Time
  • How the Docker does it
  • Common Practice

A Step Back in Time

  • Before Docker, there were many others

Isolating resources is a common theme

  • 1979 Unix V7 chroot
  • 2000 FreeBSD Jails
  • 2001 Linux VServer
  • 2004 Oracle Solaris Containers
  • 2005 OpenVZ

Patching the Linux Kernel

  • 2006 Process Containers -> cgroups
  • 2008 cgroups + namespace = LXC
  • 2011 CloudFoundry Warden
  • 2013 LMCTFY
  • 2013 Docker

How the Docker does it

  • LXC = Docker
  • cgroups + namespace = Docker

Common Practice

  • Microservices
  • Setting Up a Base Image for certain Services
  • Rail
  • NodeJS
  • GoLang
  • gcc
  • Others

Docker in Action

tuan@m4700:~/src/notes$ docker images
REPOSITORY          TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
angr                0.0.1               d649a707db79        19 hours ago        845MB
ubuntu              16.04               747cb2d60bbe        7 days ago          122MB
debian              stretch             874e27b628fd        8 days ago          100MB
phusion/baseimage   0.9.22              877509368a8d        5 months ago        225MB
phusion/baseimage   latest              877509368a8d        5 months ago        225MB

Let's run angr

tuan@m4700:~/src/docker-angr$ docker run -it --rm \
-v $PWD/tests/ \
--entrypoint /bin/bash angr:0.0.1
root@905b18a18836:/# ls -l /tmp 
total 4
-rwxrwxr-x 1 1000 1000 252 Oct 17 21:23
  • -it: allocate a tty and run interactively
  • --rm: remove container on exit
  • -v $PWD/tests/
  • --entrypoint /bin/bash

Use a pre-built angr virtual environment

root@905b18a18836:/# workon
root@905b18a18836:/# workon angr
(angr) root@905b18a18836:/#

Run a test script with angr

(angr) root@905b18a18836:/# cat /tmp/ 
#!/usr/bin/env python

import angr
proj = angr.Project('/bin/true')
state = proj.factory.entry_state()
state.regs.rbp = state.regs.rsp
state.mem[0x1000].uint64_t = state.regs.rdx
state.regs.rbp = state.mem[state.regs.rbp].uint64_t.resolved
print state

Run a test script with angr

(angr) root@905b18a18836:/# /tmp/ 
<SimState @ 0x4013d0>
(angr) root@905b18a18836:/# echo $?

What it is Not

  • !Virtual Machine
  • Multi-services in One Container


"The Internet is full of containers and half of them are made by Jess Frazelle." some Internet user

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