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export const GoogleApi = function(opts) {
opts = opts || {}
const apiKey = opts.apiKey;
const libraries = opts.libraries || [];
const client = opts.client;
const URL = '';
const googleVersion = '3.22';
let script = null;
ohanhi /
Last active Jul 27, 2019
Learning FP the hard way: Experiences on the Elm language

Learning FP the hard way: Experiences on the Elm language

by Ossi Hanhinen, @ohanhi

with the support of Futurice 💚.

Licensed under CC BY 4.0.

Editorial note


Understanding Immutable.Record

Functional programming principles and with it immutable data are changing the way we write frontend applications. If the recent de-facto frontend stack of React and Redux feels like it goes perfectly together with immutable data, that's because it's specifically designed for that.

There's several interesting implementations of immutable data for JavaScript, but here I'll be focusing on Facebook's own Immutable.js, and specifically on one of its lesser known features, Records.

Why Records?

Immutable.js provides a beautiful, Clojure-inspired API for dealing with abstract Collections and Sequences, and several concrete data structur


Sony Bravia HTTP API

The sony bravia has a HTTP API interacted with using a Pre-Shared key. There's a more complex auth flow but I've not described it here.

There wasn't any documentation, so I've written some. If you're a TV integrator don't read this, you'll laugh. I'm probably just getting confused by UPnP.

Disclaimer: I've only tested this on my TV, which is a KDL-50W829B. Your TV might not have all of the services; see Available services section for how to discover what your TV supports.

acdlite /
Last active May 24, 2019
Demo: Coordinating async React with non-React views

Demo: Coordinating async React with non-React views

tl;dr I built a demo illustrating what it might look like to add async rendering to Facebook's commenting interface, while ensuring it appears on the screen simultaneous to the server-rendered story.

A key benefit of async rendering is that large updates don't block the main thread; instead, the work is spread out and performed during idle periods using cooperative scheduling.

But once you make something async, you introduce the possibility that things may appear on the screen at separate times. Especially when you're dealing with multiple UI frameworks, as is often the case at Facebook.

How do we solve this with React?

Jessidhia /
Last active May 13, 2019
Implementation notes on react's scheduling model as of (shortly before) 16.8.0

Implementation notes on react's scheduling model as of (shortly before) 16.8.0

While the public API intended for users to use is the scheduler package, the reconciler currently does not use scheduler's priority classes internally.

ReactFiberScheduler has its own internal "mini-scheduler" that uses the scheduler package indirectly for its deadline-capable scheduleCallback.

This is kind of a documentation of implementation details that I suppose will be gone by the end of the year, but what can you do.

puzrin / Makefile
Created May 7, 2013
Makefile example for API
View Makefile
# Edit here - set path to you directory with config.json & fonts
FONT_DIR ?= ./assets/vendor/fontello/src
### Don't edit below ###
@if test ! `which curl` ; then \
View 0 reconciler.js
import Reconciler from 'react-reconciler'
import omit from 'lodash/omit'
import capitalize from 'lodash/capitalize'
import { actions as elementActions } from './store/elements'
import * as Elements from './elements'
const roots = new Map()
const emptyObject = {}
const Renderer = Reconciler({
jevakallio /
Last active Apr 20, 2019
#ReactiveConf 2017 Lightning Talk Submission: JavaScript Slam Poetry

TL;DR: If you want to see me perform a spoken word poem about JavaScript in front of 1000 people (and on video), please ⭐️ star this gist. If you're on mobile, you'll need to request desktop site.

JavaScript Slam Poetry

Javascript! Slam! Poetry!

eddiemoore / nric-validation.js
Last active Mar 27, 2019
Validation for Singapore NRIC and FIN number
View nric-validation.js
//Based on
function validateNRIC(str) {
if (str.length != 9)
return false;
str = str.toUpperCase();
var i,
icArray = [];
for(i = 0; i < 9; i++) {
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