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Annotated version of my EmacsConf talk. We all had a good time. It was REALLY quite nerve racking talking to a bunch of Emacs hackers. Scary audience. Especially with "zombie" wiegley in the front row. <- in joke.


the “Emacs problem” a microcosmic example

let’s fix this

oh yeah! let’s! and it can have spaceships!

and lasers for eyes!

and bullet teeth!

and it should be written in org-mode!

Everything should be Emacs

yeah yeah. obvious.


it’s wonderful.

but it’s NOTHING like emacswiki source files.




The John McCarthy Memorial Creole Parser

also The John Wiegley Memorial Zombie Day <- cool conference “in joke”

creole.el is a Creole implementation written when John Mac died

a creole is a combinatorial language

as opposed to a pidgin which is just combinatorial words

WikiCreole is a creole designed by committee

committee’s have a long history with Lisp. So Why Not?


scary chatroulette story

young people

lack of clothes

the interesting version of the c10k problem

async fixes this

and oh wow I can write this in Emacs.

He waits…

we have the parts now

Elnode even has a wiki

but Nic doesn’t do it. He’s too cool for school and too lazy to maintain.

EmacsWiki needs communitAY!

The man from New Zealand


no one knows why he’s called that

he just is

he steps up and volunteers and writes the hard code


Will it be fast enough?

scaling with Elnode

we just make lots of Emacs daemons and shovel data to them.

EmacsWiki is stateless so that’s really easy

But why? syntax highlighting

EmacsWiki doesn’t have syntax highlighting…

… but ElWiki does

But why? emacs lisp in the page

EmacsWiki has plugins… but EmacsWiki has lisp in the page

we can make plugins.


But why? federation

The EmacsWiki is just a git repo

we can push it around

if we can host the code in your Emacs…

… we can have the wiki engine push and pull it

and retain control over the formatting

we can make it really easy to contribute

But why? documentation!

once we’ve made it really easy to contribute…

… we can put more data in there

But why? packages!

Different federations could be package sources

So this could finally be an awesome Emacs driven hypertext system

let’s do it!

one more thing.

can we use org-mode?

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