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Last active Nov 15, 2021
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Wikidata in KDL

Serialization of Wikidata data model in KDL

Two years ago a experimented with a data language for Wikibase. Maybe using KDL as syntax is a better approach.

# simple statement
Q4115189 P31=Q1   # KDL property
Q4115189 P31 Q1   # two KDL arguments

# multiple stataments on same item
Q4115189 {
  P31 Q1
  P373 "Antoni Ignacy Mietelski"       # String value
  P1476 (pl)"Krzyżacy"                 # Monolingual text

# more data types
Q3033 P856 (url)""
Q41576483 P569 (year)"1839-00"

# qualifiers and references in a children block
Q41577083 P570 +1586/7 {
  P1319 +1586/9             # qualifier
  references P248=Q52       # references

As ( and ) are valid in bare identifiers we can also extend identifiers with arbitrary labels for better readability:

"Wikidata Sandbox (Q4115189)" "instance of (P31)" "universe (Q1)"

wikidata-sandbox-(Q4115189) instance-of(P31) universe-(Q1)

Q4115189:wikidata-sandbox P31:instance-of Q1:universe
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