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# Directly install Raspberry OS to SD card
curl -o - $IMAGE | zcat | sudo dd bs=4M of=$DEV conv=fsync
# as one-liner
IMAGE=... DEV=/dev/sdd bash -c 'curl -o - $IMAGE | zcat | sudo dd bs=4M of=$DEV conv=fsync'
# Directly install NextcloudPi to SD card
curl -o - $IMAGE | bunzip2 | tar -xOf - | sudo dd bs=4M of=$DEV conv=fsync
# create file "ssh" at boot partition to enable SSH by default
# change keyboard layout:
# set XKBLAYOUT to "de" in /etc/default/keyboard
# add public SSH key
# ...
apt update
apt upgrade -y
# basic software not installed by default
apt install vim
apt install git-all
apt install nodejs npm
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