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Last active Apr 23, 2019
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Link Genesis post title directly to content when using the Link post format
add_filter( 'genesis_post_title_output', 'sp_link_post_format_title' );
* If the post uses the “Link” post format and has a URL in the content,
* link the title directly to that URL instead of to the post itself.
* @param string $title_html The original title HTML.
* @return string The updated HTML.
function sp_link_post_format_title( $title_html ) {
if ( get_post_format() !== 'link' ) {
return $title_html;
$url_in_content = get_url_in_content( get_the_content() );
if ( $url_in_content ) {
return preg_replace('/<a(.*)href="([^"]*)"(.*)>/','<a$1href="' . $url_in_content . '"$3>', $title_html );
return $title_html;
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