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Last active September 6, 2020 06:34
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Genesis Simple Share Shortcode
// Adds a [social-icons] shortcode to output Genesis Simple Share icons in posts
// Add the code below to your active theme's functions.php file,
// or use in a site-specific plugin.
// The shortcode takes no attributes; change your icon settings via Genesis → Simple Share.
add_shortcode( 'social-icons', 'gss_shortcode' );
function gss_shortcode() {
global $genesis_simple_share;
$icons = '';
if ( function_exists( 'genesis_share_get_icon_output' ) ) {
$location = uniqid( 'gss-shortcode-' );
$icons = genesis_share_get_icon_output( $location, $genesis_simple_share->icons );
return $icons;
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dortzur commented Jan 10, 2016


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Thanks for this. I noticed that the shortcode won't fire more than once per page. Any adjustment possible to allow more shares? Thanks!

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nickcernis commented Jan 17, 2017

@lefthookdigitaltom I made an edit to allow it to be used multiple times per page. (It now generates a random location name for each instance.)

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This is great! just What i was looking for. Thanks million!

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Just to let you know that the $Genesis_Simple_Share variable name has been updated to $genesis_simple_share (lower case). Using the capitalised version will no longer work.

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@ADAPTiveBen Thank you — this has been corrected above.

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KramarzGIT commented Apr 16, 2020

I have tried to use this to shows icons on wigetized home page.. they don't show... source code shows them there but there's no visual output.
Any ideas?

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ananich commented Sep 6, 2020

@KramazGIT, it seems that it will only work if you are using static home page

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