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Garrett Hyder nightbook

  • Allscenes Media Inc.
  • Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
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sscovil / csv-to-sorttable-add-header-row.php
Last active Dec 19, 2015
Example of how to add a header row to the table data array, using my CSV-to-SortTable plugin for WordPress. Add this to your `functions.php` file.
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* CSV to SortTable: Add Header Row
* @param array $data
* @return array
function csv_to_sorttable_add_header_row( $data ) {
$header_row = array( 'Column 1', 'Column 2', 'Column 3' );
array_unshift( $data, $header_row );
MikeRogers0 / twitter-proxy.php
Last active Jun 3, 2019
This is a neat little script you can use to quickly make OAuth requests to the twitter rest API v1.1.
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* Usage:
* Send the url you want to access url encoded in the url paramater, for example (This is with JS):
* /twitter-proxy.php?url='+encodeURIComponent('statuses/user_timeline.json?screen_name=MikeRogers0&count=2')
// The tokens, keys and secrets from the app you created at
$config = array(
drublic / rem-fallback.less
Last active Mar 28, 2020
Fallback rem-mixin in Sass and LESS
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@main-font-size: 16px;
.x-rem (@property, @value) {
// This is a workaround, inspired by
@px-fallback: @value * @main-font-size;
-: ~`(function () { return ';@{property}: @{px-fallback}'; }())`;
-: ~`(function () { return ';@{property}: @{value}rem'; }())`;
View jquery.query.js
* jQuery.query - Query String Modification and Creation for jQuery
* Written by Blair Mitchelmore (blair DOT mitchelmore AT gmail DOT com)
* Licensed under the WTFPL (
* Date: 2009/8/13
* @author Blair Mitchelmore
* @version 2.1.7
bjankord / gist:2572749
Created May 2, 2012
Picture Source src modification through CSS image-set and URI Templates
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<style type="text/css">
picture source {
src: image-set(url({filename}@2x.{ext} 2x high-bandwidth));
@media screen and (min-width:321px){
picture source {
src: image-set(url({filename}-m.{ext}), url({filename}-m@2x.{ext} 2x high-bandwidth));
bjankord / gist:2509534
Created Apr 27, 2012
Picture element markup for high-resolution devices with polyfill markup for older browsers
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<picture alt="Alt tag describing the image represented">
<!--<source src="photo-s.jpg"/>-->
<source src="photo-s.jpg"/>
<source src="photo-s@2x.jpg" media="-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio:2, min-resolution:192dpi"/>
<!--<source src="photo-m.jpg" media="min-width:321px"/>-->
<source src="photo-m.jpg" media="min-width:321px"/>
<source src="photo-m@2x.jpg" media="min-width:321px and -webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio:2, min-resolution:192dpi"/>
<!--<source src="photo-l.jpg" media="min-width:641px"/>-->
<source src="photo-l.jpg" media="min-width:641px"/>
<source src="photo-l@2x.jpg" media="min-width:641px and -webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio:2, min-resolution:192dpi"/>
View Let IE7+ Into jQuery Mobile
//run this script after jQuery loads, but before jQuery Mobile loads
//customize jQuery Mobile to let IE7+ in (Mobile IE)
$(document).bind("mobileinit", function(){
$.extend( $.mobile , {
//extend gradeA qualifier to include IE7+
gradeA: function(){
//IE version check by James Padolsey, modified by jdalton - from
var ie = (function() {
View CSS for <sup> and <sub>
sub, sup {
/* Specified in % so that the sup/sup is the
right size relative to the surrounding text */
font-size: 75%;
/* Zero out the line-height so that it doesn't
interfere with the positioning that follows */
line-height: 0;
/* Where the magic happens: makes all browsers position