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I use Arch BTW

Borislav Kosharov nikibobi

  • Bulgaria
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nikibobi / .vsconfig
Created Mar 5, 2019
Visual Studio Installer Configuration
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"version": "1.0",
"components": [
nikibobi / gitea.yaml
Last active Jan 5, 2019
Gitea kubernetes config
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apiVersion: apps/v1
kind: Deployment
name: gitea
app: gitea
replicas: 1
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  1. Кои са целите на ЧМИ?

    • методологии и процеси за разработване на интерфейси
    • техники за оценяване и сравняване на интерфейси
    • методи за вложени интерфейси
    • разработване на нови интерфейси и техники на взаимодействие
    • разработване на описателни и предвиждащи модели и теории на взаимодействие
  2. Избройте фазите на информационния процесинг на човек

    1. Закодиране във форма за вътрешно представяне
    2. Сравняване със запомнено представяне
nikibobi /
Created Nov 20, 2018
Personal shell script to fix EFI file when Windows updates
set -x
cd /boot/EFI/
mv Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw{,.orig}.efi
cp {grub/grubx64,Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw}.efi
nikibobi /
Created Nov 3, 2018
Add LaTeX support to a Colab notebook for SymPy
import sympy
def custom_latex_printer(exp, **options):
from google.colab.output._publish import javascript
url = ""
return sympy.printing.latex(exp, **options)
sympy.init_printing(use_latex="mathjax", latex_printer=custom_latex_printer)
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nikibobi /
Created Jul 27, 2018 — forked from karpathy/
Training a Neural Network ATARI Pong agent with Policy Gradients from raw pixels
""" Trains an agent with (stochastic) Policy Gradients on Pong. Uses OpenAI Gym. """
import numpy as np
import cPickle as pickle
import gym
# hyperparameters
H = 200 # number of hidden layer neurons
batch_size = 10 # every how many episodes to do a param update?
learning_rate = 1e-4
gamma = 0.99 # discount factor for reward
View landmarks.json
"distance": 79,
"name": "Policeman Monument",
"bearing": 84,
"latitude": 43.84599,
"image": "",
"guid": "d407c66b765a4839ae04fd0c3f6d0539.16",
"compass": "E",
"longitude": 25.959249
nikibobi / GithubRibbon.vue
Last active Nov 23, 2018
Github ribbon vue.js component
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<a :href="link">
<img :src="image" :style="{ [this.orientation]: 0 }" alt="Fork me on GitHub">
<script lang="ts">
import { Component, Prop, Vue } from 'vue-property-decorator';
const palete = {
View Touchballs.glsl
precision highp float;
precision mediump float;
uniform vec2 resolution;
uniform int pointerCount;
uniform vec3 pointers[10];
uniform float battery;
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