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Nir nirizr

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Last active Oct 26, 2021
Force IDA's G (goto) dialog to ignore the backtick/tag marker used in windbg when one copies and pastes
from PyQt5.QtWidgets import qApp, QTextEdit, QLineEdit, QComboBox, QPushButton
except ImportError:
from PySide.QtGui import qApp, QTextEdit, QLineEdit, QComboBox, QPushButton
def handle_tags(text):
# text handling is actually done here.
# we could improve this by doing something more clever than just a replace
# say, extend when ` are present without the full 8 bytes following, or
nirizr /
Last active May 18, 2022
sqlalchemy upsert supporting delayed ORM insertion and duplicate removal (inside a single query)
def upsert(session, model, rows):
table = model.__table__
stmt = postgresql.insert(table)
primary_keys = [ for key in inspect(table).primary_key]
update_dict = { c for c in stmt.excluded if not c.primary_key}
if not update_dict:
raise ValueError("insert_or_update resulted in an empty update_dict")
stmt = stmt.on_conflict_do_update(index_elements=primary_keys,
nirizr /
Last active Sep 1, 2022
IDAPYTHON: List all references to all stack variables of a function
import idc, idaapi, idautils, ida_xref
def find_stack_members(func_ea):
members = {}
base = None
frame = idc.GetFrame(func_ea)
for frame_member in idautils.StructMembers(frame):
member_offset, member_name, _ = frame_member
members[member_offset] = member_name
if member_name == ' r':