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IDAPYTHON: List all references to all stack variables of a function
import idc, idaapi, idautils, ida_xref
def find_stack_members(func_ea):
members = {}
base = None
frame = idc.GetFrame(func_ea)
for frame_member in idautils.StructMembers(frame):
member_offset, member_name, _ = frame_member
members[member_offset] = member_name
if member_name == ' r':
base = member_offset
if not base:
raise ValueError("Failed identifying the stack's base address using the return address hidden stack member")
return members, base
def find_stack_xrefs(func_offset):
func_ea = ida_funcs.get_func(func_offset).startEA
members, stack_base = find_stack_members(func_ea)
for func_item in FuncItems(func_ea):
flags = idc.GetFlags(ea)
stkvar = 0 if idc.isStkvar0(flags) else 1 if idc.isStkvar1(flags) else None
if not stkvar:
op = ida_ua.cmd.Operands[stkvar]
stack_offset = op.addr + idc.GetSpd(func_item) + stack_base
member = members[stack_offset]
print("At offset {:x} stack member {} is referenced by operand number {}".format(func_item, member, stkvar))
if __name__ == "__main__":

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@nirizr nirizr commented Aug 14, 2017

I wrote this to answer the following RE.SO question:

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