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Takuya Nishimoto nishimotz

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feerrenrut /
Last active May 26, 2020
A braille display driver for NVDA. Braille is displayed on screen. Save this file to the 'brailleDisplayDrivers' folder in your user config (`%appdata%/nvda/brailleDisplayDrivers`) directory or in `source\brailleDisplayDrivers\` directory in your repository.
#A part of NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA)
#Copyright (C) 2017 NV Access Limited
#This file is covered by the GNU General Public License.
#See the file COPYING for more details.
import wx
import gui
import braille
svinkle /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Getting started with NVDA

Getting started with NVDA

NVDA is a free and open source screen reader from NVAccess. It is available for the Windows operating system and officially supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome web browsers. There is also a ton of braille display support!

NVDA is available for download here:

After everything is installed you can press Ctrl + Alt + n to start NVDA. Quitting NVDA is done by pressing NVDA + q, then enter at the prompt.

The NVDA Modifier Key

Each screen reader has a special key or key combination to perform tasks. NVDA’s default keyboard modifier key is the insert key. So, for example, to start reading a web page, you could press insert + down arrow. As an option, if you are using a laptop you can also use the caps lock key as a modifier. This can be set in the Preferences > Keyboard settings... menu.

nobonobo /
Created Mar 25, 2013
リアルタイムスペクトラム・アナライザーを作ってみた。 PortAudioのPython版PyAudioとnumpyに依存。 実行すると横並び64個の0〜9の数値の表示が流れ続けます。 マイク音声を入力すると周波数成分別に数字が大きくなります。 リアルタイム16Kサンプリングの512点FFTがCore-i5レベルCPU2%程度の使用量で動きます。 内部ではちゃんと周波数の値が計算されています(ループの中で計算する必要はなかった・・・) - 口笛で音階をつけると大きな数字が現れる場所がスライドします。 - 打撃音は全部の数値が増えます。
#!/usr/bin/env python
# encoding: utf-8
import sys
import os
import atexit
import time
import numpy as np
import pyaudio