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Recruiting User Testers for PyPI

Help us conduct user tests on the new PyPI

Trying to break into UX? Interested in user-centered design? Looking to gain some real-world experience?

We're currently recruiting up to three volunteers to help us conduct user tests on the new PyPI.

What is the PyPI?

The Python Packaging Index (PyPI) is the principal repository of software packages for the Python programming language. Currently, over 100 million Python packages are downloaded from PyPI every week. The Python community (and indeed the wider technical community) depends on PyPI for the ongoing functioning of the entire Python ecosystem.

What is user testing?

User testing is a user experience methodology that places the user at the center of design decisions. UX professionals conduct user tests to challenge their design concepts and validate that the UI works as they intended.

User tests typically involve asking a target user to carry out a series of real world tasks on the UI. Testers can then identify problems in the UI - where the user gets lost or confused, or can't work out how to complete out the assigned task.

Recurring problems are then raised as design issues for the team to fix.

How will the program work?

Each participant will be trained by our UX lead to conduct user tests. This will involve an introduction to user testing, as well as sitting in on some user tests.

After this (and once you feel confident), our team will:

  • provide you with a testing script and scenarios
  • schedule user tests for you to conduct solo

Our user tests are conducted remotely via, so there is no location barrier. However, you will need to be available during one of the following time slots (for training):

  • 06:30 - 07.30 GMT (mon-fri)
  • 17:00 - 19:00 GMT (mon-fri)

What's required from me?

In order to participate, you'll need:

  • To be a confident English speaker
  • To have a high-bandwidth connection (good enough to conduct video calls and share screens)

The amount of time required will vary depending on your availability. At a minimum, you'll need to commit to:

  • 2 hours for training
  • 40 minutes per user test (as observer)
  • 40 minutes per user test (as test conductor)

Ideally, we'd like each participant to sit-in on two user tests, and conduct 5+ of their own.

Will my work make an impact?

Yes! PyPI is currenty visited by over 1.7 million unique users per month (Jan 2018). In 2017, over 13 million people used the site.

Design improvements that result from your work will have an enormous impact on the global Python community.

What will I get out of it?

This opportunity will provide you with:

  • Training on how to conduct a user test
  • Experience conducting user tests for a project that is used by millions
  • Experience working with a professional development team

For students or job seekers, we can also provide a written reference from the development / design team.

How can I get involved?

Please fill out our registration form to register your interest. Our team will be in touch to discuss your participation.

Thanks for reading!

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