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Michelle Torres nmicht

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nmicht /
Created Mar 14, 2019
Deploy Docker to GCloud

Create the cluste

gcloud container clusters create kaka-cluster --num-nodes=1

  • kaka-cluster: the name of the cluster

Run the docker (the workload)

kubectl run kaka-server --port 5000 --env="FLASK_APP=app/" --env="PORT=5000" --env="HOST="

  • kaka-server: the name of the workload
  • image: the name of the image on the hub
  • port: the exposed by the docker
  • env: the environment variables
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Last active Aug 23, 2022
Docker files for flask app
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Docker for flask app

  1. Create a Dockerfile with all the specs for your image
  2. Create a docker-compose.yml file for the basic setup
  3. Create docker-compose.env.yml files for the specific rules for each environment

To build the image execute:
docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml -f docker-compose.env.yml build

To run the container execute:

nmicht / .htaccess
Last active Feb 17, 2019
Apache htaccess to list files with a beauty format
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# Docs:
Options +Indexes
IndexOptions IgnoreCase FancyIndexing FoldersFirst HTMLTable NameWidth=* SuppressHTMLPreamble ScanHTMLTitles SuppressLastModified DescriptionWidth=*
HeaderName /header.html
ReadmeName /footer.html
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Last active Mar 12, 2019
Herramientas, paquetes y cositas interesantes para usar. Todo aprendido durante mi tiempo en RC
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Recurse Center W2'19 notes

This are my notes during the W2'19 at Recurse Center

  • Tools A file with a list of tools, software and links to interesting development things.
  • Projects A list with interesting projects created by recurses.
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Last active Mar 12, 2019
Recursos para aprender
nmicht /
Last active Jan 10, 2019 — forked from rxaviers/gist:7360908
Lista completa de emoticons para github markdown


:bowtie: :bowtie: 😄 :smile: 😆 :laughing:
😊 :blush: 😃 :smiley: ☺️ :relaxed:
😏 :smirk: 😍 :heart_eyes: 😘 :kissing_heart:
😚 :kissing_closed_eyes: 😳 :flushed: 😌 :relieved:
😆 :satisfied: 😁 :grin: 😉 :wink:
😜 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: 😝 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: 😀 :grinning:
😗 :kissing: 😙 :kissing_smiling_eyes: 😛 :stuck_out_tongue:
nmicht / .npm-init.js
Last active Jan 11, 2019
Script to override the npm init. Prompts for the normal stuff, but also creates a github repository
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* This script can be used to override the current behave of `npm init`
* Can have a set of "defaults" values and also, will include functionality
* to create a Github repository for the project.
* You can set it:
* npm config set init-module YOUR-PATH/.npm-init.js
* Note: This is a work in progress, so there are some failures, mostly because
* npm is using promzard for the prompts, and it doesn't have async methods, so
nmicht / tic-tac-toe.php
Created Dec 19, 2018
A Tic-Tac-Toe game for any square board and any number of players
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class TicTacToe {
* Board for the game
* @var array
private $board = [];
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Last active Mar 10, 2019
Application as Recursers for the Resource Center Winter 2, 2019
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Recurse Center Application

The Recurse Center runs educational programming retreats in New York City. The retreats are free, self-directed, project based, and for anyone who wants to get dramatically better at programming.

This gist includes my application and code for the pair programming interview

nmicht / mogrify
Last active Dec 17, 2018
Mogrify to add brand on photos
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mogrify -path ./branded -format png -draw 'image over 400,2200 1850,203.34 "./logo.png"' *