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import random
from decimal import *
from fractions import *
from typing import *
PRECISION = Decimal('0.0001')
def create_randoms(size: int = 30) -> List[int]:
return [random.randrange(1, 100) for _ in range(size)]
no1xsyzy /
Created Mar 26, 2020
Just tired with seemingly infinite try ... finally or with ... as.
import functools
class Defers:
def __init__(self):
self._defereds = []
def add_defer(self, defer_func):
import re
PATTERN = r"/|(/[^.][^/]*|/[^/][^./][^/]*|/\.\.[^/]+)+/?"
assert re.fullmatch(PATTERN, "/abc/") is not None
assert re.fullmatch(PATTERN, "/abc/../") is None
assert re.fullmatch(PATTERN, "/abc/./") is None
assert re.fullmatch(PATTERN, "/abc/.123/") is not None
assert re.fullmatch(PATTERN, "/abc/a.123/") is not None
assert re.fullmatch(PATTERN, "/abc/a./") is not None
View example-functional-object.rkt
#lang racket
(define (cup volume)
(define amount 0)
(define (pour-in! d)
(let ([old-amount amount])
(if (> (+ old-amount d) volume)
(set! amount volume)
(- (+ old-amount d) volume))
# coding:utf-8
import requests
import threading
from queue import Queue, Empty
import time
c_thrd = int(input("请输入要执行的线程数:"))
# 设置队列长度
workQueue = Queue(c_thrd)
# 线程池
threads = []
View v2ex619370.rkt
#lang racket
;;; Solve <>
(define (get-group ipaddr lines)
(define group-name null)
(let/cc return
(map (λ (line)
[(parse-group-name line)
=> (λ (parsed-group-name)
def deleteorder(x):
n = len(x)
if n%2 != 0:
if any(x.count(i) > n//2 for i in set(x)):
x = sorted(x)
assert all(x[i] < x[i + n//2] for i in range(n//2))
# since x[0] <= x[1] <= x[2] <= ... <= x[n-1]
# there must be x[i] <= x[i + n//2]
from mitmproxy import http
def request(flow: http.HTTPFlow) -> None:
if 'magicnumber' in flow.request.query:
flow.response = flow.response = http.HTTPResponse.make(200)
def response(flow: http.HTTPFlow) -> None:
flow.response.content = flow.response.content.replace(
import itertools, functools, operator
from typing import *
class Solution:
def singleNumber(self, lst: List[int], k: int) -> int:
pattern = []
for i in itertools.count():
if k & 1 != 0:
k >>= 1
if k == 0:
View remove-palindrome.rkt
#lang racket
(define (remove-palindrome s)
(define f
(lambda (i j)
[(equal? i j) 1]
[(equal? (+ i 1) j) 1]
;[(and (equal? (+ i 2) j) (equal? (list-ref s i) (list-ref s (- j 1)))) 1]
[(equal? (list-ref s i) (list-ref s (- j 1))) (f (+ i 1) (- j 1))]
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