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var GH = ['#EEEEEE', '#D6E685', '#8CC665', '#44A340', '#1E6823'];
var CO = ['#EF4B4D', '#F89B47', '#FAEA20', '#7DC242', '#5D94CE', '#855CA7'];
var graph = document.getElementsByClassName('js-calendar-graph-svg')[0];
var days = []'rect'), 0);
days.forEach(function(rect) {
switch(rect.getAttribute('fill').toUpperCase()) {
case GH[0]: rect.setAttribute('fill', CO[2]); break; // yellow
case GH[1]: rect.setAttribute('fill', CO[Math.floor(Math.random() * 2)]); break; // red || orange
case GH[2]: rect.setAttribute('fill', CO[3]); break; // green
case GH[3]: rect.setAttribute('fill', CO[4]); break; // blue
case GH[4]: rect.setAttribute('fill', CO[5]); break; // purple

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leereilly commented Jun 27, 2015


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