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Last active Apr 29, 2019
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Wasabi Spent Coin Hack

This happens when an unconfirmed transaction spent a coin of yours, but your Wasabi somehow lost knowledge about it. Note that you are going to doxx your IP address to the block explorers mentioned below, unless you do this over Tor browser.

  1. Expand the coin details and check the TransactionId and the Index
  2. Search for the TransactionId in and search for the Index in the outputs.
  3. Click on the address and you'll see all the transactions concerning that address.
  4. One of those transactions spend your coin. If the address transactions are too large and you cannot find the spender, then check
  5. The advantage of SmartBit is that you can click on the spender transaction unlike, however the disadvantage of SmartBit is that it doesn't provide indexes to the inputs and outputs.
  6. Finally acquire the unconfirmed spending tarnsaction hex that your wallet is not aware of with the following call: (Replace the transactionID)
  7. File/Open/Data Folder, then shut down Wasabi.
  8. Go into the Transactions/Main folder and find the file that corresponds to your wallet name.
  9. Add a new json entry to this file.
    "Transaction": "0200000001a90c619779b89be1beb35562dc78d3af538c25f2fcdd3166220cfca9071e9fd7020000008a47304402201c72077f3a237c61e1373e9b31386f5efb64391e84082bdf169f526e8ace1ad402207c351945fb0442225858f1cd5c864419a3251885fe0bf18508f2dbd62b1138050141047146f0e0fcb3139947cf0beb870fe251930ca10d4545793d31033e801b5219abf56c11a3cf3406ca590e4c14b0dab749d20862b3adc4709153c280c2a78be10cffffffff04188099000000000017a914c243cd4d42e1a345f13297e273a9b45afcd82a31877015a7000000000017a914a432cd8c7f1c75e15125314bcbb9482cc474218e8795c3aa01000000001976a914d00aeef5ea5c714ae50dcb14f861a01c2781868888ac00b58a62000000001976a91443849383122ebb8a28268a89700c9f723663b5b888ac00000000",
    "Height": "2147483646",
    "Label": "",
    "FirstSeenIfMemPoolTime": "04/17/2019 21:10:04 +00:00",
    "IsReplacement": false

Replace the Transaction's value with the transaction hex you got from the API call above.
Leave everything else untouched, even the Height. 2147483646 is a special value in Wasabi, this denotes unconfirmed transactions.

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