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FbGraph Test User
app =[:client_id], :secret => config[:client_secret])
user1 = app.test_user!(:installed => true, :permissions => :read_stream)
user2 = app.test_user!(:installed => true, :permissions => :read_stream)
p user1, user2
p user1.friend!(user2)
p user1.accounts
p user1.activities
p user1.accounts
p user1.albums
p user1.books
p user1.checkins
p user1.feed
p user1.friend_lists
p user1.friends
p user1.groups
p user1.home
p user1.interests
p user1.likes
p user1.links
p user1.movies
p user1.notes
p user1.picture
p user1.posts
p user1.statuses
p user1.tagged
p user1.television
p user1.videos

Atastor commented Dec 27, 2010

Perhaps its just me, but what threw me back initially was a confusion about "client_id" and "app_id" (despite my age I'm not the seasoned facebook-developer ;-) ). I had to use the value tagged as "app_id" in my facebook.yml here and not the one tagged "client_id".

Thanks loads!

Atastor commented Dec 27, 2010

Addendum: Now everything seems to work fine, at least in console

I get FBGraph::Exception when I try to destroy the test users... any thoughts?


nov commented Apr 15, 2011

Rescue the error, then check error.message.
Probably you can see the error message Graph API returned.

I get "(#100) Invalid value specified for param: id"

lpsBetty commented Jun 7, 2011

i have two old user


<FbGraph::TestUser:0x000001076e5bb0 @Identifier="499102699", @endpoint="", @access_token=nil,..

don't know why i can't destroy 'old' users

but when I create new ones with app.test_user! it is possible to destroy them

example new user:

<FbGraph::TestUser:0x00000106055120 @Identifier="100002494629341", @endpoint="", @access_token="213439622021302|7d200a351e228508e997bd80.0-100002494629341|-8j6vBIzmb-naxjqzvQxeko-LBo", ..

so i did the following to make sure to destroy all 'new' users

app.test_users.each do |u| 
  u.destroy if u.identifier.length > 10

It seems IpsBetty has ran into an FB bug:

You can't delete these users now. Maybe a fix will help on FB side.

seanski commented Aug 29, 2011

@ipsbetty, I was having the same issue. I got around it by getting the access_token from the app and applying it to the test_user.

access_token = app.get_access_token
app.test_users.each do |u|
  u.access_token = access_token
  u.destroy if u.identifier.length > 10

but you didn't destroy an old user after all?
because the " if u.identifier.length > 10 " represents a new user

seanski commented Aug 29, 2011

Well, I'm not sure... I didn't have the identifier length in my solution. I just put that in there for your reference. I could not delete any user accounts today. I got around it by passing the app's access token to the test user before deleting it.

+1, working on console.... if anyone find useful..
app ="app_id from facebook.yml", :secret => "secrect_key from facebook.yml")


vyruz commented Apr 17, 2014

Been trying to write some feature tests in cucumber but when i try to follow the sign in i get an error
uninitialized constant OauthController
Would anyone be kind enough to help me out?

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