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Created Apr 24, 2011
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-[UIBezierPath stroke] arm
-[UIBezierPath stroke]:
000f1470 e92d40b0 push {r4, r5, r7, lr}
000f1474 e28d7008 add r7, sp, #8 @ 0x8
000f1478 e1a05000 mov r5, r0
000f147c ebfcb22d bl _UIGraphicsGetCurrentContext
000f1480 e1a04000 mov r4, r0
000f1484 eb0bce73 bl 0x3e4e58 @ symbol stub for: _CGContextSaveGState
000f1488 e59f30c8 ldr r3, [pc, #200] @ 0xf1558
000f148c e1a00004 mov r0, r4
000f1490 e79f1003 ldr r1, [pc, r3]
000f1494 e0851001 add r1, r5, r1
000f1498 e5911000 ldr r1, [r1]
000f149c eb0bcea5 bl 0x3e4f38 @ symbol stub for: _CGContextSetLineWidth
000f14a0 e59f30b4 ldr r3, [pc, #180] @ 0xf155c
000f14a4 e1a00004 mov r0, r4
000f14a8 e79f3003 ldr r3, [pc, r3]
000f14ac e7951003 ldr r1, [r5, r3]
000f14b0 eb0bce9c bl 0x3e4f28 @ symbol stub for: _CGContextSetLineJoin
000f14b4 e59f30a4 ldr r3, [pc, #164] @ 0xf1560
000f14b8 e1a00004 mov r0, r4
000f14bc e79f3003 ldr r3, [pc, r3]
000f14c0 e7951003 ldr r1, [r5, r3]
000f14c4 eb0bce8f bl 0x3e4f08 @ symbol stub for: _CGContextSetLineCap
000f14c8 e59f3094 ldr r3, [pc, #148] @ 0xf1564
000f14cc e1a00004 mov r0, r4
000f14d0 e79f1003 ldr r1, [pc, r3]
000f14d4 e0851001 add r1, r5, r1
000f14d8 e5911000 ldr r1, [r1]
000f14dc eb0bce99 bl 0x3e4f48 @ symbol stub for: _CGContextSetMiterLimit
000f14e0 e59f3080 ldr r3, [pc, #128] @ 0xf1568
000f14e4 e1a00004 mov r0, r4
000f14e8 e79f1003 ldr r1, [pc, r3]
000f14ec e0851001 add r1, r5, r1
000f14f0 e5911000 ldr r1, [r1]
000f14f4 eb0bce7b bl 0x3e4ee8 @ symbol stub for: _CGContextSetFlatness
000f14f8 e59f306c ldr r3, [pc, #108] @ 0xf156c
000f14fc e79f3003 ldr r3, [pc, r3]
000f1500 e7953003 ldr r3, [r5, r3]
000f1504 e3530000 cmp r3, #0 @ 0x0
000f1508 0a000008 beq 0xf1530
000f150c e59f205c ldr r2, [pc, #92] @ 0xf1570
000f1510 e1a00004 mov r0, r4
000f1514 e79f1002 ldr r1, [pc, r2]
000f1518 e59f2054 ldr r2, [pc, #84] @ 0xf1574
000f151c e0851001 add r1, r5, r1
000f1520 e79f2002 ldr r2, [pc, r2]
000f1524 e5911000 ldr r1, [r1]
000f1528 e7952002 ldr r2, [r5, r2]
000f152c eb0bce79 bl 0x3e4f18 @ symbol stub for: _CGContextSetLineDash
000f1530 e59f3040 ldr r3, [pc, #64] @ 0xf1578
000f1534 e1a00004 mov r0, r4
000f1538 e79f3003 ldr r3, [pc, r3]
000f153c e7951003 ldr r1, [r5, r3]
000f1540 eb0bcdb8 bl 0x3e4c28 @ symbol stub for: _CGContextAddPath
000f1544 e1a00004 mov r0, r4
000f1548 eb0bce9e bl 0x3e4fc8 @ symbol stub for: _CGContextStrokePath
000f154c e1a00004 mov r0, r4
000f1550 eb0bce34 bl 0x3e4e28 @ symbol stub for: _CGContextRestoreGState
000f1554 e8bd80b0 pop {r4, r5, r7, pc}
000f1558 003a12fc ldrshteq r1, [sl], -ip
000f155c 003a12f8 ldrshteq r1, [sl], -r8
000f1560 003a12e0 eorseq r1, sl, r0, ror #5
000f1564 003a12c0 eorseq r1, sl, r0, asr #5
000f1568 003a12ac eorseq r1, sl, ip, lsr #5
000f156c 003a128c eorseq r1, sl, ip, lsl #5
000f1570 003a1284 eorseq r1, sl, r4, lsl #5
000f1574 003a1264 eorseq r1, sl, r4, ror #4
000f1578 003a1248 eorseq r1, sl, r8, asr #4
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