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Property-Based Testing Tools

If you're coming to the Property-Based TDD As If You Meant It Workshop, you will need to bring a laptop with your favourite programming environment, a property-based testing library and, depending on the language, a test framework to run the property-based-tests.

Any other languages or suggestions? Comment below.

.NET (C#, F#, VB)


  • Factcheck -- requires a test framework (I like pytest), I wrote it (benefits - you can ask me about it, drawbacks - it's not very mature). Can be installed from PyPI with Pip or easy_install.
  • Hypothesis -- requires a test framework, provides decorators for easy integration
  • pytest-quickcheck - requires pytest, I found it hard to extend, and so wrote Factcheck






  • Gruesome -- a quick and dirty implementation for Groovy


For a Clojure project with the correct clojurecheck leiningen dependency feel free to clone this:

tcmak commented May 28, 2013

I tried qc.js before. The syntax is a little weird, but usable:

(oh... it's on bitbucket!)

kolman commented Oct 23, 2013

What about Haskell? After all, QuickCheck was first written in it, right?

dubzzz commented Feb 2, 2018

Typescript, JavaScript -

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