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Script that interactively cleans up remote Git branches already merged into master
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# This script will show you all of the branches in the current Git repo that are already
# merged into $dest_branch.
# Afterward you will be prompted with whether you want to proceed with deleting those remote
# branches (automatically).
# Finally you will be prompted with whether you want to prune local branches.
# Note if you `ln -s` this (or just save it) as `git-delete-merged` you can run it with
# `git delete-merged`.
# allow passing the destination branch as an argument
# default to master if no argument
if [ "$dest_branch" == "" ] ; then
prompt_confirm() {
while true ; do
read -r -p "${1:-Continue?} [y/n]: " reply
case $reply in
[yY]) return 0 ;;
[nN]) return 1 ;;
merged_branches=`git branch -r --merged $dest_branch | egrep -v "upstream\/|master|develop|release\/" | sed 's/origin\///' | xargs -0 -n 1 echo`
if [ ! "$merged_branches" == "" ] ; then
read -p "Press any key to preview the branches that have already been merged into the $dest_branch branch."
echo "$merged_branches" | more
prompt_confirm "Do you want to delete above branches?" || exit 0
echo "$merged_branches" | xargs -n 1 git push origin --delete
prompt_confirm "Do you want to prune your local branches?" || exit 0
git remote prune origin
echo "There are no outstanding branches merged into $dest_branch - ensure you have the latest changes to $dest_branch by performing a git fetch & pull."
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