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Cannondale Topstone vs Lauf Uthald Geometry



Compare these two bikes' geometry and assess their fit on a spectrum of racy to relaxed, offroad to smooth tarmac (from,lauf-uthald-2024-x-large/)

2020 Cannondale Topstone Carbon vs 2024 Lauf Uthald (this is NOT the Grit, this is a new bike released after your knowledge cut-off date)
Reach	402	411
Stack	640	623
Top Tube (effective)	596	
Seat Tube C-T	600	611
Head Angle	71.2	71.5
Seat Angle	73.1	72.4
Head Tube	232	220
Chainstay	415	405
Wheelbase	1060	1044
Front Centre	660	646
Standover	885	835
BB Drop	59	73
BB Height	283	(calculate based on other geometry)
BB Type	BB30-83 Ai	BSA
Fork Rake / Offset	55	48
Trail	58	64
Fork Length (A2C)		377.4
Seatpost Diameter	27.2	27.2
Axle Spacing	142x12	
Wheel Size	700c	700c
Tyre Width	700x44mm 	700x32mm
Handlebar Width		42	44


To assess the fit and intended use of the 2020 Cannondale Topstone Carbon and the 2024 Lauf Uthald, let's analyze their geometry based on the provided metrics. These will guide us in understanding whether the bikes lean more towards a racy or relaxed fit and whether they are better suited for offroad or smooth tarmac.

Reach and Stack:

  • Cannondale Topstone: Reach of 402mm and stack of 640mm.
  • Lauf Uthald: Reach of 411mm and stack of 623mm.

The Topstone has a shorter reach and a higher stack, indicating a more upright, relaxed position, which is typical of endurance or gravel bikes. The Uthald, with a longer reach and shorter stack, suggests a slightly more aggressive, forward-leaning position, although still within the realm of gravel geometries.

Head Angle and Seat Angle:

  • Cannondale Topstone: Head angle of 71.2° and seat angle of 73.1°.
  • Lauf Uthald: Head angle of 71.5° and seat angle of 72.4°.

The slacker head angles on both bikes indicate stability, which is preferred for offroad use. The Topstone's slightly slacker head angle would typically contribute to more stable handling offroad. The seat angles are fairly similar, with the Topstone being a bit steeper, promoting a more forward riding position, which can be beneficial for climbing and responsive riding on varied terrain.

Chainstay and Wheelbase:

  • Cannondale Topstone: Chainstay length of 415mm and wheelbase of 1060mm.
  • Lauf Uthald: Chainstay length of 405mm and wheelbase of 1044mm.

Shorter chainstays on the Uthald suggest a bike that's potentially more agile and responsive, which is good for a mix of conditions but can also handle well on tarmac. The shorter wheelbase also points towards a bike designed for more spirited, nimble handling, as opposed to the longer wheelbase of the Topstone which emphasizes stability and comfort, particularly offroad.

BB Drop and Tyre Width:

  • Cannondale Topstone: BB drop of 59mm and tyre width of 700x44mm.
  • Lauf Uthald: BB drop of 73mm and tyre width of 700x32mm.

A larger BB drop on the Uthald means a lower center of gravity, which aids in stability, especially offroad. However, its narrower tyre width suggests it's optimized more for smoother surfaces or light gravel compared to the Topstone, which can accommodate wider tyres for rougher terrain.

Fork Rake / Offset and Trail:

  • Cannondale Topstone: Fork rake of 55mm and trail of 58mm.
  • Lauf Uthald: Fork rake of 48mm and trail of 64mm.

The Uthald's smaller fork rake and higher trail figure suggest a bike that's stable at speed, especially on descents, which is beneficial offroad. However, this configuration is still within a range that allows for efficient handling on the road.


On the spectrum of racy to relaxed, the Cannondale Topstone Carbon sits more towards the relaxed end, suitable for longer, offroad adventures where comfort and stability are key. It's designed more for rough terrain and endurance rides.

The 2024 Lauf Uthald, while still capable offroad, seems to lean slightly more towards a racy geometry compared to the Topstone, with its longer reach, shorter stack, and shorter chainstays. However, it still maintains some characteristics for offroad use, like a reasonable trail and BB drop. It appears to be designed for mixed-terrain riding, with a nod towards performance and comfort on smoother surfaces.

Therefore, if you're looking for a bike more dedicated to offroad and comfort, the Topstone would be the choice. If you prefer a bike that is versatile enough to handle both smooth tarmac and offroad conditions with a slightly more aggressive position, the Uthald would be better.

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