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1) How do you define the job of "management"?
It's about seeing the big picture and how various tasks articulate, where
managees have to focus on specific tasks.
2) In your opinion what are common misconceptions or outdated principles?
The fact that managers don't have to know what the actual work they manage is.
Someone who can't build something can't manage those who build it. And if
they try, it usually gives birth to an other position for someone who actually
understands the work, like lead developper, who does the actual work of managing.
3) What is the minimalist's version of management?
careful planning. Too often, people are left with vague and confusing task
descriptions, like trello oneliners. It helps to take time to describe task in
details and give as much info possible.
4) Do you differ between management and team leading? If yes how
I'm not exactly sure what "team leading" means :) Sounds more like the
description of an interpersonal relation ("that person is a good leader") than
the description of an actual work. But actually, "manager" is not much better.
I guess I would prefer to use "coordinator".
5) What advice would you give management beginners?
* know what you're talking about (thus, work on the field before wanting to be a manager in it)
* do your best to absorb pressure from upstream so it does not reach downstream
* if something is critically urgent and managees are blocking on it, don't be afraid to get your hands dirty and to handle the task
* never ask "is it done, yet?", offer to help people in difficulties they may encounter
* if someone upstream keeps contacting downstream, be as strict as it needs to stop it. Donwstream work must be as uninterrupted as possible.
* your best skill must be communication. You can't stop upstream bypassing you if you can't answer them fast
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