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Using only libre sofware / free software / FOSS with Elegoo Mars2

It took some time for me to find a way to use my mars2 printer without using any proprietary software, so I figured I would post about it for other people to whom it matters. The goal here is to replace Chitubox/Lychee used on my computer, I did not mess with the printer itself (meaning: this is not about flashing the printer's firmware with a libre alternative).

The slicer I use is prusa-slicer. As far as I know, it's the only libre slicer handling SLA. Funny enough from what I read, some people already use it for

oelmekki / 0001-FIX-makes-elinks-work-with-ruby-2.5.patch
Last active July 4, 2020 13:14
Patch to fix elinks ruby support with ruby-2.5
<!doctype html>
document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", () => {
localStorage.setItem("foo", "bar");
document.querySelector("p").innerHTML = "localStorage";

Rethinking issue management

The core problem

FOSS developers suffer burnouts that cause them to loose interest in their projects, and cause the projects to die.

Wondering about why this happens, we came to the conclusion that maintaining a project, especially on the issue tracker part, is felt as a burden and a really annoying thing. Most of FOSS development today is made around Github, which

const publicAddress =
async function findAssets(address) {
const resp = await fetch(`${address}`);
const json = await resp.json();
return json['balances'].filter(balance => balance['asset_type'] != 'native');
async function printBalances(assets) {
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1) How do you define the job of "management"?
It's about seeing the big picture and how various tasks articulate, where
managees have to focus on specific tasks.
2) In your opinion what are common misconceptions or outdated principles?

Global tech tax

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The problem

Many countries are annoyed that big tech companies like Google or Amazon make lot of profit in those countries' markets without paying taxes there.

Their idea: taxing those companies based on the revenue they generate on their

oelmekki /
Last active July 30, 2016 16:13
Reduced row echelon with rows expansion

Reduced row echelon with rows expansion

Learning about matrices on KhanAcademy, I came to a great video from Sal Khan explaining how to use matrices to solve equations. Thanks!

What occured to me while watching the demonstration was that it seems inefficient to reuse the same rows to drop results, because we lose potentially valuable previous rows, which could help us in further steps. My initial thought was : "we could probably make this more easy/efficient by create new rows for the results", so I decided to play with that idea.

Initial demonstration

Here is the equation system Sal started from:

oelmekki / sentences_distance.sql
Last active July 26, 2016 15:28
Order sentences by similarities in postgres
-- $ createdb test
-- $ psql test
CREATE TABLE sentences( words varchar(255)[] );
INSERT INTO sentences VALUES( ARRAY['hello', 'world', 'how', 'are', 'you', 'doing', 'today'] );
INSERT INTO sentences VALUES( ARRAY['how', 'are', 'you', 'doing', 'today', 'Jim'] );
INSERT INTO sentences VALUES( ARRAY['Maybe', 'this', 'sentence', 'will', 'not', 'be', 'as', 'close'] );
-- extract as function for less typing
function prompt_extensions {
if [[ "$?" != "0" ]]; then
_prompt_status="$(echo -en '\033[41m\033[33m \033[00m')"
echo -e "\n"
echo -n $_prompt_status
unset _prompt_status