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Patch to fix elinks ruby support with ruby-2.5


This patch was developed on top of git commit:

commit f86be659718c0cd0a67f88b42f07044c23d0d028
Author: Witold Filipczyk <>
Date:   Sun Jul 23 19:50:15 2017 +0200

    Retry only for https protocol

Most packages releases of elinks does not contain these latest commits, so you may need to donwload elinks from git repos (instructions are available on elinks website, where the repos is hosted).

You can use the C code in this patch, but the changes are dropping multiplatform support, I went to the simpler (making it work on my system).

For that reason, I only post this as gist rather than submitting patch to authors.

This works for me on linux, with pkg-config to retrieve libs.

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oelmekki commented Jul 4, 2020

Note2: when launching elinks, an error while be thrown:

ELinks: [Ruby error] unknown longjmp status 21997

I've used this patch for months without issue, that error can be discarded.

Elinks startup time raises considerably when using ruby-2.5.

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