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Eric Hanchrow offby1

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import hashlib
for n in range(0, 100):
hash_rep = hashlib.sha256()
hash_rep.update(str(n).encode ('utf-8'))
import personalData
def main():
print('Let\'s create an Address Book: ')
book = []
while True:
entry = personalData.from_console()
print('You\'ve entered the following: ')
print (entry)
[{'approved_at_utc': None,
'author': 'Philosinerd',
'author_flair_css_class': None,
'author_flair_text': None,
'banned_at_utc': None,
'body': 'Unfortunately it depends on whether or not she appears on national '
'can_mod_post': False,
'collapsed': False,
'collapsed_reason': None,
import requests
from pprint import pprint
postID = '7dn55x'
#c=requests.get('' + ','.join(requests.get('' + postID).json()['data'])).json()['data']
import ast
c = ast.literal_eval(open ('/tmp/data').read ())
class RedditComment ():
def __init__ (self, id_, parent_id, other_stuff):
self.id_ = id_
## With a function:
def translate():
input_ = get_input()
output = english_to_pig_latin(input_)
if __name__ == "__main__":
import random
def get_locations(cell):
return (random.sample(cell,x),
# or the way I'd really write it
def get_locations(cell):
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time racket
837799 generates a sequence of length 525
real 0m4.389s
user 0m4.141s
sys 0m0.229s
Model Name: MacBook Pro
Model Identifier: MacBookPro10,2
Processor Name: Intel Core i5
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(defun copy-buffer-file-name ()
"Puts the file name of the current buffer (or the current directory,
if the buffer isn't visiting a file) onto the kill ring, so that
it can be retrieved with \\[yank], or by another program."
(let ((fn (or
(buffer-file-name (current-buffer))
;; Perhaps the buffer isn't visiting a file at all. In
;; that case, let's return the directory.
(expand-file-name default-directory))))
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# Mac OS X Notice
# This file is not used by the host name and address resolution
# or the DNS query routing mechanisms used by most processes on
# this Mac OS X system.
# This file is automatically generated.
domain PK5001Z
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#!/usr/bin/env python3
print ("Hello")
# ./my_dumb_script
# Hello