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Ömer Faruk ofyalcin

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ofyalcin / wordpress-post-terms-list-generator.php
Last active December 27, 2020 20:21
Wordpress customizable post terms list generator.
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* Wordpress customizable post terms list generator
* Add to your theme functions.php file.
* @param null $post_id
* @param string $tax
* @param bool $with_link
* @param string $seperator
ofyalcin / index.html
Last active October 20, 2019 14:05
Open Bootstrap tabs & pills tabs from another page (hash anchor)
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<!doctype html>
<ul class="nav nav-tabs" id="myTab" role="tablist">
<li class="nav-item">
<a class="nav-link active" id="home-tab" data-toggle="tab" href="#home" role="tab" aria-controls="home" aria-selected="true">Home</a>
ofyalcin / functions.php
Last active August 10, 2019 21:44
Wordpress: How to save custom taxonomy terms in json when a post saved.
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// Add this code to bottom line of your active theme functions.php file.
function export_custom_terms_in_json () {
// get all terms of custom_taxonomy
$CustomTaxTerms = get_terms( 'custom_taxonomy', array( 'orderby'=>'count', 'hide_empty' => 0 ) );
if( ! is_wp_error( $CustomTaxTerms ) ) {
// encode term list
ofyalcin / add-several-term-meta-fields-to-custom-taxonomy.php
Created August 5, 2019 14:59 — forked from ms-studio/add-several-term-meta-fields-to-custom-taxonomy.php
A variation on the previous gists, this time we add *several* term meta fields
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// source:
// original code authored by jgraup -
* We are registering the fields for a custom taxonomy, called "user-logement".
View dimox_breadcrumbs.php
* WordPress Breadcrumbs
* author: Dimox
* version: 2019.03.03
* license: MIT
function dimox_breadcrumbs() {
/* === OPTIONS === */
ofyalcin /
Last active January 11, 2023 22:12
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RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301,L]
ofyalcin / phpMyAdmin.sql
Last active October 22, 2018 12:17
phpMyAdmin/MySQL kullanarak Wordpress kullanıcı şifresini değiştirme
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UPDATE `wp_users` SET `user_pass`= MD5('yenişifrenizburaya') WHERE `user_login`='deneme';
View FontAwesome 5 Free JSON Cheatsheet
"fab fa-buromobelexperte": "&#xf37f; B\u00fcrom\u00f6bel-Experte GmbH & Co. KG. brands",
"fas fa-burn": "&#xf46a; Burn solid",
"fas fa-bullseye": "&#xf140; Bullseye solid",
"fas fa-bullhorn": "&#xf0a1; bullhorn solid",
"fas fa-building": "&#xf1ad; Building solid",
"far fa-building": "&#xf1ad; Building regular",
"fas fa-bug": "&#xf188; Bug solid",
"fab fa-btc": "&#xf15a; BTC brands",
"fas fa-briefcase-medical": "&#xf469; Medical Briefcase solid",
ofyalcin / redirects.txt
Last active June 24, 2017 13:41
/tavsiye/redirects.txt (detaylı anlatım:
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