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Simple AppleScript to easily batch rename multiple files sequentially. GUI asks user to select files and input a name before renaming.
-- This code comes from
-- Open in AppleScript Editor and save as Application
-- ------------------------------------------------------------
--this is required to break the filename into pieces (separate name and extension)
set text item delimiters to "."
tell application "Finder"
set all_files to every item of (choose file with prompt "Choose the Files you'd like to rename:" with multiple selections allowed) as list
display dialog "New file name:" default answer ""
set new_name to text returned of result
--now we start looping through all selected files. 'index' is our counter that we initially set to 1 and then count up with every file.
--the 'index' number is of course required for the sequential renaming of our files!
repeat with index from 1 to the count of all_files
--using our index, we select the appropriate file from our list
set this_file to item index of all_files
set file_name_count to text items of (get name of this_file)
--if the index number is lower than 10, we will add a preceding "0" for a proper filename sorting later
if index is less than 10 then
set index_prefix to "0"
set index_prefix to ""
end if
--lets check if the current file from our list (based on index-number) has even any file-extension
if number of file_name_count is 1 then
--file_name-count = 1 means, we extracted only 1 text-string from the full file name. So there is no file-extension present.
set file_extension to ""
--yup, we are currently processing a file that has a file-extension
--we have to re-add the original file-extension after changing the name of the file!
set file_extension to "." & item -1 of file_name_count
end if
--let's rename our file, add the sequential number from 'index' and add the file-extension to it
set the name of this_file to new_name & index_prefix & index & file_extension as string
end repeat
--congratulations for successfully accomplishing the batch renaming task :)
display alert "All done! Renamed " & index & " files with '" & new_name & "' for you. Have a great day! :)"
end tell

Update August 18, 2015: the script will now add a preceding "0" to the index-number as long as the number is lower than 10 - this helps a better file name sorting in the filesystem(s) later. I.E. using "01", "02",..."10" etc. instead of "1", "2",..."10".

sybon commented Mar 26, 2016

Dear Oliver,
Thank you for your script !
I was really happy to get such a flexible tool to bulk rename my files !

Have a nice day,

Best regards,



Thanks so much for this script! It has helped me immensely! By any chance, is there a way to extrapolate a before-and-after text file that's saved to the desktop, so that a user can reference the new file names to the old?

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