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Created July 20, 2017 07:58
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Download and install the latest version of PhpStorm for Ubunti
if [ "$(whoami)" != "root" ]
echo "Sorry, you are not root."
exit 1
echo "Downloading the latest PhpStorm to /tmp"
cd /tmp
curl -Lo PhpStorm.tar.gz ""
tar -xzf /tmp/PhpStorm.tar.gz
rm /tmp/PhpStorm.tar.gz
echo "Removing old PhpStorm"
rm -rf /opt/phpstorm
echo "Copying new PhpStorm"
mv /tmp/PhpStorm* /opt/phpstorm
echo "New PhpStorm has been installed"
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Jekis commented Aug 11, 2017

Thank you

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Thanks, it works

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zabidok commented Sep 13, 2017

New similar script for install or update(auto) jetbrains products like phpstorm, webstorm and other. + java + non latin hotkeys fixes

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