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olizilla /
Last active Dec 15, 2015
Fear change? Files got you down? Meet Git, the Cesar Millan of version control. Git is hard so you don't have to be.

Git: The File Whisperer

Dominate unruly files with the Git technique

You have a folder with some files in. Right now you have no way of finding out what those files contained yesterday, or which of them is the latest version of that doc you've been emailing back and forth with those other change makers. If you are really, really disciplined, there is a tiny chance that you won't lose something important, at some point. But no matter what delusions you may have picked up, you are, like the rest of us, fallible, so chances are you already did.

Lets discipline these unruly files with the wonder of version control. Bring out the git.

The first step is to run git on your local project directory, turning it into a local git repository.

olizilla /
Last active Dec 16, 2015
A treacly reduction of knee-jerk facts from State of the Browser 2013.

[State of the Browser] 2013 TL;DR

A roughly chronological regurgitation of a browser evangelist fugue.

  • [@mollydotcom] and [] thinks we should be more worried about the expanding "webkit monoculture".
  • [@atoker] pushed a plausible "it's not webkit, it's lazy developers" defence, carefully paraphrasing to "webkit multiculture" and finally accepting the role of oppressor with "webkit is an ecosystem so it doesn't matter".
  • [@thebeebs] showed IE's multi-fondle support. Aparently Bill has 100 hundred points of touch in his office, and they have work in the pipe to let mutliple users touch and mouse at the same device at the same time. It's gonna be an MSVendorPrefix party.
  • [@paul-kinlan] showed which fancy features we can use on mobile, today, via []. No word on Blink or Chrome futures though.
  • [@andreasbovens] did talk about Blink, and for no doubt the hundredth time, reminded us that webkit is a genric term, Opera was alwa
olizilla /
Last active Dec 17, 2015
A classic rant that starts with a "Why all the Java XML hate" and blends dementedly into DSL rage.

Hating on Java for XML? Your DSL is worse.

Do tell me again how you've dismissed Java as a waste of time due to it's XML fetish. How fascinating.

Hating on Java for it's XML love is like hating on a government for wanting transparency.

Java is the incumbent and XML is an open standard for defining structured documents. Every drop of logic that you can externalise allows some other system, regardless of it's implementation language, to operate on it. I can't think of a useful language that doesn't have a library for dealing with XML.

olizilla /
Last active Dec 17, 2015
Developer with ideas, meet Meteor; Meteor meet ideas. Oh look, they've become manifest.

Meet Meteor

The framework for turning ideas into webapps

A full stack web framework

  • Manages client and server side.
  • Things like Rails manage server side issues.
  • Things like Ember & Angular provide front-end structure.
  • Meteor helps out with both.
olizilla /
Last active Dec 18, 2015
Grunt makes it better

Grunt Yourself Beautiful

Grunt Logo

"The JavaScript Task Runner"

Another Build Tool!?

  • Yep. The right tool for the job.
olizilla / navdata.js
Created Jul 21, 2013
Example of navdata sensor data from Parrot A.R. Drone 2.0
View navdata.js
{ header: 1432778632,
{ flying: 0,
videoEnabled: 0,
visionEnabled: 1,
controlAlgorithm: 0,
altitudeControlAlgorithm: 1,
startButtonState: 0,
controlCommandAck: 1,
cameraReady: 1,
olizilla / traffic-light-disco.js
Created Jul 22, 2013
A johnny-five, event based, traffic light disco for your Arduino. An array of lights flash in majestic sequence for your gyratory pleasure. Each light's shining heralds it's own destruction, each extinction seeds a new. Just like the traffic light eyeball cannons of your friendly neighbourhood mobile DJ
View traffic-light-disco.js
= ==================== ===== =================== =================== ================ ===========================
==== ====================== == === == ================== =================== ================ ==== ==========================
==== ====================== ======= ====================== =================== ====== ======== ==== ==========================
==== ===== = ==== === ===== ===== === ======== ======== === === ===== ======= ==== == === ==== ==== ==
==== ===== = == = === ======= ========== = ======= ============ = == ==== ======== ==== ====== = == = == =
==== ===== ========== === ======= ====== == ========== ======== === == = === ======== ==== == === ==== ===== = =
==== ===== ======== === ======= ====== == ========== ======== ==
olizilla /
Created Jul 25, 2013
A quick test deck

Talk title

WAT? Lobster

  • Points
  • Need
  • Bullets

Alan & Oli's NodeConf Adventure 2013

An awesome in 2 parts.

Nodeconf was:

Awesome Awesome


Meteor London July 2013

  • Chris Waring - THIS IS METEOR!
  • Shane - Meteor Gantt.
  • Paul Harwood -
  • Rob Miller - Noise Network - A real-time noise monitoring solution.
  • Alan Shaw - nodeconf & asciify
  • Oli - Is drone down for everyone or just me?
  • Jon - Real world buttons
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