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Jekyll markdown references plugin by Olov Lassus: Keep all your markdown reference-style link definitions in one file (

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It doesn't work both on GitHub and my local. I forked one and did some fix for my local, but also can't work on GitHub.

Jekyll issue here: #557.

I'll gladly merge your changes into my version to simplify things on the Jekyll plugins page, with proper credit to you of course. But I would like to understand your issue first, and I haven't been able to reproduce it. I'm running Jekyll 0.11.2.

Can you provide more detail such as error messages and your Does it work better if you disable any other plugins you may have installed? Thanks!

I'm so sorry! I don't know why but It works now! I just switch Jekyll version to 0.11.0 and switched back to 0.11.2, then both are OK.

BTW, I found why I can't run any plugins on GitHub, the issue here: #325.

I guess that's a good thing. :) I cleaned up the plugins-page again. Where you able to trigger a bug if not prepending refs_content with newlines? If so I'll add that to my gist.

Yes, really it happens. I guess it may be the problem I met before. This a Markdown code in tail of a file:

-EOF-(without newlines)

then your converter can't recognize references. If I put a newline, then it works right.

And I think if putting the appending process in MarkdownConverter may be better and clear. So I made my fix in my fork.

Thanks. I'm able to reproduce that issue. I've fixed it in the gist by inserting a newline between content and the references.

This doesn't work with the following setting

{% capture content %}
Foo [some link][some-id] bar.
{% endcapture %}

It will complain that some-id is not known. (And yes it is inside a file called

Err, that code should have read as follows:

{% capture content %}
Foo [some link][some-id] bar.
{% endcapture %}

{{ content | markdownify }}

@spockz The plugin works on the markdown file level in such a way that it just concatenates to the end at every .md file it is about to process (it hooks into read_yaml).

For your use-case, we should instead hook into the Markdown class (convert method). That should be pretty straight-forward. Feel free to take a stab at it yourself (please poke me if so) - I may or may not get around to doing it myself.

@spockz Alright I changed the hook so it should work now

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