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defmodule BrainfuckTest do
use ExUnit.Case
import BF
@doc "
BF is our Brainfuck turing machine
Output will be a map
tape: map #our tape, in the format %{0=> 0, 1=> 0, 2=> 0 ...}
ptr: int, #pointer position
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Last active Feb 19, 2021
101 Rx Samples in C#

101 Rx Samples in C#

This was taken from, because I wanted to be able to read it more comfortable with syntax highlighting.

Here's the unedited original, translated to Github Markdown glory:

101 Rx Samples - a work in progress


Benchmarking Phoenix vs Rails vs Sinatra vs Express vs Martini...

I was curious about [Chris McCord's Phoenix vs Rails article][original] -- if you haven't read it, go do that now first. Go ahead, this will still be here when you get back. It won't make much sense unless you've read the original.

Like many other Elixir enthusiasts, I come from a Ruby background. That said, I found Rails to be a curious choice for comparison to Phoenix, since Rails is really a kitchen-sink framework meant to handle everything from database migrations to asset-pipeline compilation. Sinatra, on the other hand, is a more

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Last active Mar 23, 2021
Phoenix Showdown Comparative Benchmarks @ Rackspace
View phoenix showdown rackspace onmetal

Comparative Benchmark Numbers @ Rackspace

I've taken the benchmarks from Matthew Rothenberg's phoenix-showdown, updated Phoenix to 0.13.1 and ran the tests on the most powerful machines available at Rackspace.


Framework Throughput (req/s) Latency (ms) Consistency (σ ms)